On the ship!

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On the ship!

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Now that characters are on the ship, there are a few announcements to make about how things function OOCly, at least for the time being.

-The ship is currently set to allow players to build. This will allow characters to RP performing their duties of moving furniture to the ship, as well as allowing everyone to decorate their rooms. Please, though, if you are importing an object into Trans Sidera, test it first in the Welcome Center sandbox area. Please DO NOT design, create, or import for the first time into the ship itself, or other IC areas. Use the OOC sandbox in the welcome center.

-Please also keep in mind that OOCly the rooms will be moved before too long (but it is not the absolute highest priority). They will be moved to another region away from the actual ship, and teleports will be set up. This will allow me to put each room into its own parcel, which means they will be "private" so you cannot hear or see avatars from outside the room. It will also help with the building permissions and make it work better.

-Communications off ship are still possible with Earth at essentially full speed until they leave orbit. Network communications can continue while in the solar system, but will have increasing lag- up to 2 hours lag out at Saturn's orbit. Small, text-based communications can still happen with little or no lag, but at highly limited bandwidth. Once in interstellar space, only the very limited bandwidth text-only system is available. However, the ship will contain what amounts to essentially an entire backup of the "Internet" in its databanks, so information is still readily available, even if up to a few weeks out of date. This information gets synced at almost any port they come in contact with.

-Internal ship communications are offline until Lyudmila gets her act together and fixes it.

-The refrigerators in the crew quarters have been stocked with an initial portion of rations until Ben gets his act together and stocks the galley.

-Until the ship leaves orbit, Winston will be nearly constantly flying the shuttle back and forth from Hawaii to the ship, taking crew, residents and cargo to and from as needed. This will not be admin-run, but teleports will be set up so people can move back and forth at will.

-It is common knowledge that the ship will leave orbit on a test run to Saturn, and if all goes well, leave the solar system to Proxima Centauri from there. Any issues, and they may return to Earth. Once at Proxima Centauri, they will deploy a probe for the Trans Terran Mining Company on a mining survey, and then receive payment upon successful completion of their first mission.
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