Spyder Rules and Guidelines

Spyder is a In Character dating app. Spyder profiles may be created here.
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Spyder Rules and Guidelines

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Spyder is an IC dating and hookup app. Spyder profiles created here are considered IC.

DO NOT browse Spyder profiles unless your character would have access to it. Access is considered granted if:
-The character has ICly given link info to their profile
-The character has their Spyder app turned on, so that people in their local area can see them and contact them. As the player FIRST if their app is activated before looking up their profile. While the app is on, it can be considered that anyone at a particular colony or ship together can see each other's profiles. ICly, this has to be ACTIVATED by the character to be in effect.

Public comments can be made on each other's Spyder profiles. They are considered PUBLIC. ICly, the profile owner CAN block another character, and CAN delete comments on their profile. They CAN also disable public comments. This is all IC and requires the cooperation and coordination of players OOCly.