Images from Internet as textures

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Images from Internet as textures

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A server-side URL is now available for placing images from the internet onto prims.

In most cases, don't use this URL. Download the image from the internet, upload the image to the server under the build menu, and apply the image to the prim. There are only a few times you use use this new URL:

If the prim is set to display a web page, but you want the default screen to simply be an image.
If you are going to be dynamically updating images in real-time, as for an IC presentation, when uploading each one is impractical. (Use normal mode, not stretch mode)
If you want the image displayed on the prim to be dynamically generated from somewhere else on the internet.
There may be a few more valid reasons, but not very many.

Normal mode:
This will fill the prim's texture with the image. If the image is too long or too tall, it will not be distorted, but rather cropped.

Stretch mode:
This will fill the prim's texture with the image. If the image is too long or too tall, it will be distorted so that the entire image is showing.

NOTE: If an image is updated on the internet or dropbox, a refresh will not update the image for several minutes if in stretch mode. If you need "refresh" to update an image immediately, use normal mode.

There are two sources that the URL can pull from. The first is simply an external image URL. In this case, all this URL does is resize the image so that it completely fills the prim. The second source is from a DropBox folder. If you want to have access to the DropBox folder so that you can use this to apply images, just let me know and I will give you access to the folder.

Right click and Edit the prim
Go into "Select Face" mode, then select the face of the prim to apply the URL to.
Select the "Texture" tab.
Under "Color" and "Full Bright" there is a dropdown menu which says "Materials." Click on that, and select "Media" instead.
Below that there is now an option for "Choose...". Click on that.
Unselect "Auto Scale Media on Face of Object" and set the size to 1024 x 512.
Set the Home Page at the top to the proper URL (see URL section below).
Click "Apply" and then exit edit mode.

Normal mode:

Code: Select all<valid url>
Stretch mode:

Code: Select all<valid url>
... where <valid url> is the url of an image.
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