Comm Badge Instructions

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Comm Badge Instructions

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Comm Badge Instructions (updated May 8, 2019, new features are marked with [NEW])
All instructions work for either v1.2 or v1.3 badges, unless specifically specified. It is recommended that everyone update to the new v1.3 badges.

To open a channel, click on the comm badge. The next thing you say aloud will define the channel:
A name, or partial name, will contact anyone matching that name. In most cases, nicknames are valid (i.e. Vodka).
"Corvus," and "Ship" will contact everyone on the ship. [NEW]
"Colony," "Planet," "Surface," and "Station" will contact everyone off of the ship. Even if they are somewhere other than the colony. [NEW]
"All," "Everyone," "Anyone," "Anybody," and "Everybody" will contact everyone with a badge, regardless of location.
There are also rooms such as "Bridge" and "Medbay" that have their own comm unit as well.

There are several ways to close a channel:
Speaking "close channel" will close the ENTIRE channel, for everyone in the conversation.
Speaking "leave channel" will leave the channel, but leave it open for anyone else on the channel.
Clicking your comm badge is the same as "leaving" the channel.
If someone leaves, and there is only one person left on the open channel, it will automatically close. [NEW]

Adding to a channel allows three-way conversations, as well as adding people back into conversations if they dropped connection.
To add to the channel, type "add channel" and define a new channel just as if opening a new channel (i.e. a name, or "all," "Corvus," etc.).

ACCEPTING A TRANSMISSION (Comm badge v1.3 and above only) [NEW]
When someone contacts you, you are no longer automatically transmitting. You must accept the incoming call. You may talk freely before accepting the call and what is said will not be transmitted. To accept an incoming transmission, do one of the two actions:
Speak "Accept."
Click your comm badge.
To reject the transmission, "Leave channel" or "Close channel" without accepting, or click your com badge twice. Please understand that by clicking the comm badge twice, you are technically accepting, then hanging up. During that short time, anything spoken will be transmitted.
NOTE: You can tell if you are transmitting if you are hearing a beep when your character speaks. If there is no beep, you are not transmitting. You WILL still hear a beep on receive.

Several internal changes were made in an attempt to add stability. Still, this is LSL and it's bound to fuck up sometimes. If the whole comm system seems to be malfunctioning, attempt this procedure. WARNING: This will reset the comm system, which will close ALL active channels, for EVERYONE.
1) Open a channel to "all"
2) Once open, speak "reset comms"
3) If issues persist, it may be prudent for people to remove their comm, and put it back on, then repeat 1 and 2. This should only be necessary with v1.2, in theory.
Note: It IS acceptable to use this procedure as a way to establish IC "Emergency" comms by forcing all channels closed. Please keep in mind this is ICly considered rather drastic and should be done sparingly and only with good IC reason.

Attempting to open a channel to someone already in a conversation will no longer rip them out of their prior conversation. Instead, it will inform them that your character is attempting to call them, and then do nothing. At that point, they have an option to add your character into the current conversation, or ignore them.
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