Ship's Meeting

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Ship's Meeting

Post by Calan » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:53 pm

This is a transcript of the first half of the meeting yesterday:

[2017/04/14 16:04] Captain Burbank: Good afternoon.
[2017/04/14 16:05] Danika Zidanic: *Looks back.* Hello, Captain.
[2017/04/14 16:05] Captain Burbank: Shuttle just landed in the bay, we should be getting started any moment.
[2017/04/14 16:06] Captain Burbank: How are you two doing?
[2017/04/14 16:06] Lyudmila Ilyasova: I am healing, getting better.
[2017/04/14 16:07] Captain Burbank: That's good news, Vodka.
[2017/04/14 16:07] Danika Zidanic: I am doing well. *Nods.*
[2017/04/14 16:07] Captain Burbank: Excellent.
[2017/04/14 16:07] Captain Burbank: Good afternoon, Gwen.
[2017/04/14 16:07] Gwendolyn Akona: *She nods to the captain as she enters.* Hello, everyone...
[2017/04/14 16:08] Gwendolyn Akona: *She promptly takes her seat among the rest of the crew.*
[2017/04/14 16:08] Benjamin Dunoff: *Scooting in to get a seat at the bench.*
[2017/04/14 16:08] Gwendolyn Akona: *Tilting her katana just so it won't be in the way.*
[2017/04/14 16:09] Benjamin Dunoff: *Giving a slight smile to those gathered before folding his arms across his chest and leaning into the cushiony back.*
[2017/04/14 16:09] Captain Burbank: Good afternoon, Ben.
[2017/04/14 16:09] Benjamin Dunoff: "Captain." *Gives a firm nod.*
[2017/04/14 16:10] Captain Burbank: We'll try to keep this short, but there are several things to discuss, if we're ready to begin.
[2017/04/14 16:10] Gwendolyn Akona: *She nods curtly.* Of course.
[2017/04/14 16:10] Benjamin Dunoff: *Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose as if this signals his preparedness.*
[2017/04/14 16:11] Danika Zidanic: *She gives a firm nod.*
[2017/04/14 16:12] Captain Burbank: First, I'd like to debrief just a little about what happened here in Vita Isabella. I don't mean the most recent events, but the situation with Tioma and Taja.
[2017/04/14 16:13] Captain Burbank: In short, it worked out. They will be leaving the planet in the hands of the current leader, and it appears that the situation in the colony is .. as stable as can be expected.
[2017/04/14 16:13] Benjamin Dunoff: *Releases a pleased sound and nods his head.*
[2017/04/14 16:13] Captain Burbank: Other than the occasional random shootout with visiting crews.
[2017/04/14 16:14] Gwendolyn Akona: *Something of a concerned "Mhm" escapes her as she leans back, her left hand briefly touching upon the hilt of her sword.*
[2017/04/14 16:15] Captain Burbank: I am also pleased to say that the reward was honored, and it wasn't small. Ladies, gentleman... we got paid.
[2017/04/14 16:15] Benjamin Dunoff: *Let's out a whoop whoop along with a fist punch into the air.* "Yes."
[2017/04/14 16:16] Gwendolyn Akona: Subarashī! *She exclaims, looking quite pleased indeed.*
[2017/04/14 16:17] Captain Burbank: Depending on where we are headed next, Tioma and Taja might be joining us again for a trip off planet. Otherwise they will catch a transport elsewhere.
[2017/04/14 16:17] Gwendolyn Akona: *She then looks around, seeing that Ben's enthusiasm matches her own, but the others don't seem to react she sits back and listens to the rest.*
[2017/04/14 16:17] Lyudmila Ilyasova: *she remains stoic*
[2017/04/14 16:17] Danika Zidanic: *Nodded in approval at word of payment.*
[2017/04/14 16:17] Benjamin Dunoff: *Folding his arms again and listens, nodding at times.*
[2017/04/14 16:19] Captain Burbank: We have funding now, but it would not be a wise move to go blow it all. We need to use this funding to get the next job done, and in the process, provide for some upgrades to the ship for better living and better future jobs.
[2017/04/14 16:20] Benjamin Dunoff: *Nods in agreement, although less enthusiastically.*
[2017/04/14 16:20] Captain Burbank: This job fell in our lap. It may not have seemed like it at the time, but we lucked out. We just happened to unknowingly stumble on a very high paying job. We can't expect such luck to continue.
[2017/04/14 16:21] Captain Burbank: That's why I've been spending a lot of time on the surface. I've been collecting job prospects.
[2017/04/14 16:22] Danika Zidanic: *She leans back as she listens intently.*
[2017/04/14 16:22] Captain Burbank: Ultimately, I'll be making the decision as to which job we will take. But at this point in this ship's and this crew's journey, I feel it is important to hear from you on these. Especially in the light of recent events.
[2017/04/14 16:23] Gwendolyn Akona: *She nods.* That's appreciated, captain.
[2017/04/14 16:23] Benjamin Dunoff: *He gives a nod of agreement.* "Sounds exciting."
[2017/04/14 16:24] Captain Burbank: Some of these options are .. "exciting." Some are more routine. Some pay well, some "pay" only in the most technical sense of the term.
[2017/04/14 16:25] Benjamin Dunoff: *He leans forward, resting his elbows on the glass table and listens with interest.*
[2017/04/14 16:25] Captain Burbank: As I looked at these options, I realized something. This is the moment that this ship will decide her future, and what she will be.
[2017/04/14 16:27] Captain Burbank: Unless there are any comments or questions so far, I will tell you about these options... *he waits a short moment for people to voice any thoughts*
[2017/04/14 16:27] Benjamin Dunoff: *Glances around at the others trying to read the room's opinions on the topics.*
[2017/04/14 16:27] Lyudmila Ilyasova: *she appears emotionless*
[2017/04/14 16:27] Gwendolyn Akona: *She raises her hand.*
[2017/04/14 16:27] Captain Burbank: Yes Gwen..
[2017/04/14 16:29] Danika Zidanic: *She folds her arms over her stomach as she continues to listen.*
[2017/04/14 16:29] Gwendolyn Akona: *She clears her throat.* ...No matter which way we go from this point forward, I believe we can all agree that we have to be prepared as best we can. As I've already suggested to the captain, we should set up an armory for the Corvus and its crew. I'll personally be more than happy to help in instructing anyone in the proper handling of a firearm. along with our head of security, of course. *She says as she gives a sideways nod to Danika.*
[2017/04/14 16:31] Gwendolyn Akona: I don't think anyone here would like a repeat occurrence of what happened down on the surface a few weeks ago. By using the measures I've suggested we should be far better prepared in the event another shoot-out does occur.
[2017/04/14 16:31] Captain Burbank: We've discussed this, I do agree.
[2017/04/14 16:32] Benjamin Dunoff: *Idly fiddles with a loose string on his shirt, but doesn't offer his opinion on that.*
[2017/04/14 16:32] Gwendolyn Akona: *She nods back to the captain, signaling that's all she had to add for the time being.*
[2017/04/14 16:33] Captain Burbank: *he sets a tablet on the table with some notes on it*
[2017/04/14 16:34] Captain Burbank: There are ten options I'd like to discuss. I'm sure some will be dismissed almost immediately, but I wanted to throw them all out there regardless; hear what anyone has to say.
[2017/04/14 16:34] Benjamin Dunoff: *His glance lingers on the tablet but he doesn't seem to be snooping.*
[2017/04/14 16:35] Gwendolyn Akona: *She spots Ben glancing at the tablet and briefly grins before returning her full attention to the captain.*
[2017/04/14 16:35] Captain Burbank: These are in no particular order. *he looks down at the tablet to begin*
[2017/04/14 16:36] Captain Burbank: The first. There is a new colony which is about to begin its trip from Earth. For mutual reasons, the colony and the UE have both rejected a UE escort for the colony ship.
[2017/04/14 16:37] Captain Burbank: They are looking for escort ships. Were we to accept this mission, we would not be the only ship.
[2017/04/14 16:38] Captain Burbank: They are not expecting any issues on this journey, but the colony ship is slow, and very large. Also by UE decree, it is unarmed.
[2017/04/14 16:39] Captain Burbank: With literally thousands of people aboard, and enough resources to start a colony, they want some defense.
[2017/04/14 16:39] Benjamin Dunoff: *Picking at a fingernail, his expression turns to one of concentration.*
[2017/04/14 16:39] Captain Burbank: Our ship is not a warship, but we are armed now. The pay is very decent, and that's why this is on the table.
[2017/04/14 16:40] Captain Burbank: It's not a short trip, and there will be several stops on the way for the colony ship to resupply.
[2017/04/14 16:40] Captain Burbank: Thoughts?
[2017/04/14 16:41] Gwendolyn Akona: Hai.
[2017/04/14 16:41] Gwendolyn Akona: Why did the new colony ship not accept any EU protection or escort?
[2017/04/14 16:43] Captain Burbank: Not that it was offered, but they are leaving the UE for political reasons. It's a slap to the UE, once again. The UE won't recognize them.
[2017/04/14 16:43] Benjamin Dunoff: *Glances up from his fingernail work to look towards Gwen, then to the Captain.*
[2017/04/14 16:43] Benjamin Dunoff: "Sounds like a good job. Mostly keeping them safe from pirates. But I'm interested in how this one compares to the other jobs."
[2017/04/14 16:43] Gwendolyn Akona: Did they voice any of said reasons, or were you able to interpret them?
[2017/04/14 16:44] Captain Burbank: It's also believed that the UE simply doesn't have the resources they claim to have. They probably can't escort the ship.
[2017/04/14 16:44] Gwendolyn Akona: *She definitely sounds more interested the more she learns about this.*
[2017/04/14 16:44] Danika Zidanic: A reasonable option. *She comments simply.*
[2017/04/14 16:45] Captain Burbank: Their political views and reasons weren't the focus of conversations.
[2017/04/14 16:45] Gwendolyn Akona: *Nods.*
[2017/04/14 16:45] Captain Burbank: However as we travel with them, I'm sure we'd end up hearing all about it.
[2017/04/14 16:46] Gwendolyn Akona: Undoubtedly. Please continue.
[2017/04/14 16:46] Captain Burbank: I'll move on to the next option for now.
[2017/04/14 16:47] Captain Burbank: There is a group of scientists right here on Vita Isabella that are looking for transport to a recently discovered neutron star.
[2017/04/14 16:48] Captain Burbank: The risk of battle is low, but ... this is a neutron star and little are known about them.
[2017/04/14 16:48] Captain Burbank: The pay is low, but the subject matter here might prove to be quite interesting, and we'd be aiding in the advancement of science.
[2017/04/14 16:49] Captain Burbank: Any thoughts or questions before I move on?
[2017/04/14 16:49] Lyudmila Ilyasova: *she shakes her head very slightly in reply*
[2017/04/14 16:50] Gwendolyn Akona: *She briefly shakes her head, though she did seem interested in that particular mission.*
[2017/04/14 16:50] Benjamin Dunoff: *Shakes his head as well, but seems less interested in this option.*
[2017/04/14 16:50] Danika Zidanic: *Danika shrugs.*
[2017/04/14 16:52] Benjamin Dunoff: *Leans back in the couch and recrosses his arms, mostly looking in the captains direction.*
[2017/04/14 16:52] Captain Burbank: There is a mining colony, more like an outpost perhaps, that is being terrorized and exploited by a small group of individuals. Someone at the colony has requested assistance.
[2017/04/14 16:52] Captain Burbank: This one's a high risk. Confrontation is likely.
[2017/04/14 16:53] Captain Burbank: The payout however is apparently quite high.
[2017/04/14 16:53] Benjamin Dunoff: *Shooting a look towards the girls on this one.*
[2017/04/14 16:53] Captain Burbank: Unfortunately due to the nature of this job, I have very few details.
[2017/04/14 16:54] Gwendolyn Akona: *She seems unfased by the idea of danger so far., but continues to listen.*
[2017/04/14 16:54] Captain Burbank: Honestly, the only reason this is on the table at all is because 1... high pay, and 2... it's essentially a distress signal.
[2017/04/14 16:55] Captain Burbank: There's also no guarantee we'll be the only ones responding.
[2017/04/14 16:55] Captain Burbank: If we reject it, just keep in mind that there's no guarantee anyone else will respond, either.
[2017/04/14 16:56] Benjamin Dunoff: *Lets out a sigh of resignation.*
[2017/04/14 16:56] Captain Burbank: Any thoughts or comments before I move on?
[2017/04/14 16:56] Benjamin Dunoff: "I guess keep going so we can prioritize the missions."
[2017/04/14 16:56] Gwendolyn Akona: I'd like to hear the rest of the list you've prepared before I can really place it appropriately.
[2017/04/14 16:56] Gwendolyn Akona: *She nods to Ben in agreement.*
[2017/04/14 16:57] Captain Burbank: There are many, many shipping options.
[2017/04/14 16:57] Captain Burbank: Even from right here. We load up, and ship cargo.
[2017/04/14 16:57] Captain Burbank: The risk varies, usually depending on the value of the cargo.
[2017/04/14 16:58] Captain Burbank: Obviously, so does the payout.
[2017/04/14 16:58] Gwendolyn Akona: ...And legality, depending on the region, I presume?
[2017/04/14 16:58] Captain Burbank: Some of these options aren't exactly legal. Higher risk, once again, and a higher payout.
[2017/04/14 16:58] Benjamin Dunoff: "I like the idea of escorting the colony ship. But I'm a sucker for the under dog, so it seems cruel to not go help out someone in need. Then again, I'm not really a, uh, experienced, fighter."
[2017/04/14 16:58] Gwendolyn Akona: *Waves a hand in an "I thought as much" sort of way.*
[2017/04/14 16:59] Captain Burbank: Moving on...
[2017/04/14 17:00] Captain Burbank: There is another exploration mission. Another group of scientists.
[2017/04/14 17:00] Captain Burbank: This time it's a much more standard system. They don't really know what's there, we'd take them to find out.
[2017/04/14 17:01] Captain Burbank: We'd be looking for possible habitable planets or resources.
[2017/04/14 17:01] Benjamin Dunoff: "Would they be escorted, or actually staying on our ship?"
[2017/04/14 17:01] Captain Burbank: Or... whatever we might find.
[2017/04/14 17:01] Captain Burbank: They would be using our ship. In both cases, this one as well as the neutron star mission.
[2017/04/14 17:02] Danika Zidanic: *Nods faintly.*
[2017/04/14 17:02] Gwendolyn Akona: So in either case we would probably need to add a habitable module to the ship, yes?
[2017/04/14 17:02] Gwendolyn Akona: If not several.
[2017/04/14 17:02] Captain Burbank: Yes, we would. For their equipment as well.
[2017/04/14 17:03] Gwendolyn Akona: Is the pay-out comparable to the previous scientific mission?
[2017/04/14 17:03] Captain Burbank: This one pays more, actually. They have a few corporate backers.
[2017/04/14 17:03] Gwendolyn Akona: Interesting.
[2017/04/14 17:04] Benjamin Dunoff: "Any chance they're wanting to head in the direction of the colony that's being bullied? Might be able to kill two birds with one trip."
[2017/04/14 17:04] Captain Burbank: I don't believe so, but I could look into that, Ben.
[2017/04/14 17:05] Danika Zidanic: I think it would be a good idea to look into that for combining either science mission with the Mining outpost.

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